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Secret MLM Hacks Masterclass...
Secret MLM Hacks Masterclass...
• Mod 1 - How To Get Paid To Prospect
• Mod 2 - How To Auto-Close
• Mod 3 - How To Manage A Happy Downline
• Mod 4 - How To Get Known For Your Product
• Mod 5 - How To Automate Product Sales
> and far more unspoken bonuses...
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Secret MLM Hacks Workbook...
Secret MLM Hacks Workbook...
• Quickest Paths To Success
• How To Design Your Marketing
• Outpacing Your Upline
• Step By Step Checklist Instructions
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($697 Value)
pre-built recruiting and sales funnel templates
pre-built recruiting and sales funnel templates
• Auto Recruiting Funnel Template
• Multiple Product Sales Funnel Templates
• Publishing Funnel Template
• Downline Members Area Template
> to name a few :)
($4497 Value)
MLM Masters Pack...
MLM Masters Pack...
• Downloadable, Ready, Paid-Prospecting Asset
• Educate Prospects BEFORE You Talk With Them
• Gets People ASKING To Join You
($1995 Value)
MLM Maverick Maker...
MLM Maverick Maker...
• How To Out-Sell Your Upline
• How To Out-Deliver Your Upline
• MLM Marketing Formula (on or offline)
> one of the most important things i could give you
($1697 Value)
• The Ads That Work, And Ones That Never Will
• How To Choose Your MLM Targeting
• The Only Way To Launch You Ad
> had to beg my FB ads expert to teach you this
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My husband I just about left the MLM industry until we found this course. 


I can auto-find people who CHOOSE to be part of my team. Rockstars. Producers. Runners.

Feeling Blessed.
We over-drafted on our bank account (again). Plainly, I did NOT feel like a "man".

I scrounged and grabbed Stephen's course. This thing is gold. 

This is what actually makes MLMers money (and no one else is teaching it in the industry)
I was a busy Mum of three as a working nurse.

This course has rocked my world!

I have no tech experience but Steve breaks it all down.

I am so genuinely excited about my future and the direction it's taking.
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